At Gramona we have always said that the character of a wine, as with people, comes from its DNA, its genetic makeup, which in turn is influenced by the earth, its climate, its grape variety, and so on…, in short, what we now refer to as a wine’s terroir.

This character is the SER (unchanging being) of the wine – its essence or spirit, if you like. So the SER of Gramona is made up of the place of its birth, its landscape, the work of generations who have watched over these lands and added their knowledge and who, humbly, have contributed to this SER, creating its history in the process.

Gramona has also written that the personality of a wine, as with people, will shape itself through the education it receives and the environment in which it grows, always within the bounds of its character. And like people, it will evolve over time, depending on the circumstances and people. We call this reality, which is obviously relative and metaphorical, the ESTAR (changing being) of our wines and our company. Each ESTAR, each moment, each one of this family’s experiences will become part of its personality and, over time and with the decisions taken, influence its character.

Through the words, themes, thoughts, and experiences in this Magazine we will try to share our SER and ESTAR, our essence and evolving character, with you. We hope you find it interesting reading.

Xavier Gramona