On the façade of the cellars located on Carrer Industria in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, two dates can be seen on the ceramic faceplate. On the left, it reads “1881”, the year in which Pau Batlle inaugurated the family’s first winery. On the right, “1921” is written, commemorating the sale of the first bottles of sparkling wine produced by Gramona. Although this date is not written on the wall, 1951 was the year we produced the first vintage of III Lustros, one of our iconic wines.

In 2021, then, there were three good reasons to celebrate. For us, it was very important to do this and we wanted to share our celebrations with you.

Spring 2022

When you have a triple anniversary of 140, 100 and 70 years to celebrate and a global pandemic prevents you from doing so, the only consolation you have is to start planning the great event, with even more excitement if possible, for the following year. This is how the Gramona family’s centenary as sparkling winemakers since 1921 came to kick off the celebrations on 28 February 2022.

The months that had passed since the anniversary and the gathering held at the Palau de la Música Catalana were spent organising the event in which the whole family, the entire Gramona team and many friends came together in the modernist building, a World Heritage Site, in the Sant Pere district of Barcelona.

The concert hall of Orfeó Català’s headquarters welcomed over a thousand guests who were all deeply touched by the emotional speeches made by the family that night.  Xavier and Jaume, Leonard, Roc, and the patriarch Josep Lluís were accompanied on stage by special friends such as Josep Roca and Ferran Centelles. The music, the ultimate vehicle of emotions, brought tears to our eyes. Later, a cocktail party, put together by Nandu Jubany’s team, was the moment to raise a toast to the anniversaries and talk about the moments of great emotion we had just experienced.

Amid the vines

It was unusually cold at the start of April 2022. The members of some 50 wineries who are family friends got together on Gramona’s farm to enjoy some wines and raise a toast again to a long and prosperous life. The bonds we share with our colleagues are many and varied: we share the land, the quest for quality, the conscientious care of the vineyards, the respect for tradition, a love of hard work, the patience and faith that winemaking requires, the belief in hospitality and the benefits of publicising each of the ventures from the land in which they were born, the pride in crafting well-made wines and the humility of knowing that we have to work hard every day because nothing lasts forever.

Entertaining friends at home and raising a glass or two with them is always a pleasure, and even more so when you are lucky enough to have so many brilliant friends in your circle, as we do.

Across the sea

In October 2022, the celebrations of our triple anniversary continued in Mallorca and London. In both places, we had the invaluable assistance of the distributors who help to ensure our wines are served with great gastronomy in the world’s finest restaurants.

On the 26th, with the assistance of our distributor Catavinos and Gramona’s sales manager for the Iberian Peninsula, Toni Pérez, we celebrated our anniversaries in Mallorca.  Xavier and Leonard Gramona shared a table and conversation with journalists and members of the Mallorcan wine world. Xavier Gramona insisted on the need to put paid to misconceptions. As a representative of the 5th generation that brought about the change of paradigm relating to sparkling wine produced in the Penedès region, he stressed that prejudices need to be discussed, given that repeating a message often does not make it true.

The next day, in London, we blew out the candles together with Enotria, our UK partners, who were celebrating their 50th birthday. It is nice to share celebrations with friends and even nicer to share the role of host! During the party we were delighted at a comment made by one of the guests, MW and wine communicator Tim Atkin, who said of Enoteca Gramona Brut Nature 2006, “I can’t think of a better Spanish sparkling wine than this. Impressive”.

Celebrating in Madrid

This city is a special place for us, and many friends from the world of wine who had not been able to make it to the events in Catalonia attended. We had missed seeing each other face to face and just shaking hands from time to time. In mid-May 2023, we put on a wine tasting with some of our winery friends from France and Spain. We met with our colleagues from Aliances per la Terra, the Bourguignon family, the producers of Champagne Fleury, Ricardo Palacios, the López de Lacalle family from the Artadi winery, Armando Guerra from Barbadillo and our distributors ASEUNIV. The event was hosted by the representatives of the family’s 6th generation, Leonard and Roc, and our wines were presented by Luis García de la Navarra, Santi Rivas and Carlos González. The following day, a small group of us had lunch in the company of some legendary influencers and communicators from the world of wine. And we raised our glasses to being able to meet up again many more times in the future to celebrate life in good company