In 1850, our great-great-grandfather, Josep Batlle, was working as a winemaker and grower for a family who owned the vineyards in La Plana, in the Anoia River valley. When phylloxera was ravaging the vineyards of France and much of Europe, Josep Batlle’s son, Pau, set about selling wine to the French sparkling wine producers, who knew the Catalonia region well, as it was their main cork supplier at the time. Using the Xarel·lo as a base, Pau learnt how to refine his own wines for this purpose.

This led to him setting up his own winery, Celler Batlle, in 1881, and enabled him to buy the vineyards that his father used to work.



The next generation, Pau’s daughter, Pilar, married Bartolomé Gramona, the son of Josep Gramona, the then president of the Barcelona Taverners Guild, and founder of La Vid Catalana newspaper of the Catalan Association of Wine Producers, and from San Sadurní.

This united two old wine families who started producing sparkling wine, already under the Gramona brand name, in the early 20th century.


1945 was the start of a new era for Gramona, under the stewardship of Bartomeu y Josep Lluis, the ‘hard working’ generation. They were the visionaries and pioneers behind long-aged sparkling wines. The first Gramona III Lustros was created in 1951 and was a pioneering sparkling in that it was designed for long ageing (It was released on the market in 1961). Up until the late 20th century, the two brothers were at the helm of a small winery, highly regarded for the quality of its wines.

The heart and soul of this generation, Josep Lluís Gramona, has continued to work in the vineyards every day, sharing his wisdom and enthusiasm with his sons and grandchildren.


2021 marked the Gramona family’s first century as sparkling wine makers and its 140th anniversary as winegrowers.

Today, the history of our wine is explained by the personality of the generations headed by Jaume and Xavier Gramona and their sons Roc and Leonard. Together they work in a slow and conscious generational handover, as it has always been in our house.

Generacions Gramona


We work with them as a team of passionate wine lovers who, with great enthusiasm, manage to carry out Gramona’s proposal: to transform the fruit of the land into the best possible sparkling wine, worthy of being at the table of the great bubbles of the world.