The work and care lavished on the vineyards throughout the year culminate in the harvest, the harmonious coming together of 2 cycles, the growing cycle and the winemaking cycle. This is a critical time when important decisions have to be taken, as we reap the rewards of a year’s labour. Each task undertaken in the vineyards during the vine’s growth cycle has been of vital importance, as it is only through meticulous work in the vineyards, that we will obtain the best grapes.


Manual picking ensures that the fruit is handled with greater care.  The bunches are individually cut by hand so that they reach the winery intact.  A first sorting of the grapes is carried out in the vineyards.

We use small 25 kg crates to ensure that the grapes do not burst and are not crushed before their arrival at the winery. It is important that we pick the grapes at their optimum point of maturity depending on the varietal and the wine being made.  Good planning of the reception of the harvested grapes at the winery  is also vital, which is why we employ specialized staff.


Sorting is an important step in the process of quality wine production.  The grapes are spread over a moving belt, where a team of up to six people carries out another quality check, making sure that any stones, stems, leaves, unripe grapes or insects – earwigs, bees, ladybirds, etc – that may have been brought in from the vineyards, are removed.  The goal is to ensure that there are no unwanted herbaceous flavours in the wine.


We rely on a basic law of nature when receiving the harvested grapes at the winery: that of gravity.  We use gravity to ensure that the grapes are treated gently.  As a result, there is no organoleptic loss to the grapes and we improve the quality of the musts.  We also use non-contaminating and environmentally-friendly equipment.

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We press whole bunches to very low extraction and we separate the must into different portions.

We were the first winery in Spain to acquire a Coquard press, for the 2014 vintage. This press enables the pressing of the whole grapes and the subsequent classification of the musts, innovative processes in cava production. We take into account the grape  varieties, their maturity and their burst point (elasticity of their skins).


Pressing the grapes whole prevents premature oxidation and contamination of the must. We obtain clean musts without having to employ any filtration or settling techniques, and we preserve the “heart” of the pressing through this natural filter. As a consequence, we use less sulphites and no antioxidants, because there is no oxidation and no contamination of the must.


The work in the winery is handcrafted and is recognised with the Demeter biodynamic certification.


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