The art of building with dry stone

2 October 2023|Categories: To be|

The journey from the Gramona farm to Mas Escorpí passes by the Bourguignon vineyard. Looking toward Riu de Bitlles, we can see a dry stone wall that separates this vineyard from the Serreta one, which

Excellent auditors of the natural environment

14 April 2023|Categories: To be, To do|

  A recent study found that consumers have a very positive view of certification labels that vouch for the sustainability of a product or business. For years now, we at Gramona have been publishing successive

The cellophane wrap on our bottles: a Gramona hallmark which is fully biodegradable

11 December 2020|Categories: To be|

Learning from our ancestors is something we do naturally at Gramona because, due to our long ageing process, the production of a bottle of wine often begins with one generation and continues with the