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Sauvignon Blanc · 2018 · Demeter



Sauvignon Blanc · 2018 · Demeter


Wines elaborated by our family after years of history lived alongside each wine and each grape variety. These are wines that tend to go against the grain, created in spite of trends, and which sometimes succeed in setting them.

Vol. 12,5% Grapes: 100% Sauvignon Blanc Organic
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* The Demeter seal guarantees that a wine has been produced following biodynamic methods. At Gramona, it relates to both the growing of the grapes and the winemaking.


Based on careful observation and the management of the factors which influence our terroir and its habitat. We do not apply chemical herbicides or pesticides, but instead we use natural resources, with the primary aim of maintaining a balance in the environment, and we preserve spontaneous ground cover in order to obtain spongy soils.
Through biodynamics, which goes one step beyond organic growing, we breathe life into our vineyards and seek to raise levels of biodiversity: we preserve spontaneous ground cover in order to obtain spongy soils, we apply plant-based infusions and decoctions to avoid pest infestations, and we produce our own animal and vegetal compost from our orchard of medicinal plants and our farm of cows, sheep, chickens, and horses.


The grapes are picked in the vineyards by hand, collected in boxes of 25 kilos, and then undergo selection on a sorting table. We press gentile without maceration on the skins.
Static settling for 12 hours. When the wine is clear it is transferred into a stainless steel tank for the start of fermentation. It then goes into 300 litre medium toasted French oak barrels (1/3 new, 1/3 previously used for one vintage and 1/3 used for two vintages). Fermentation continues in the barrels with the temperature constantly controlled at 13- 15ºC. Batonnage (stirring up) is carried out from time to time to ensure that the lees stay in suspension and therefore in greater contact with the wine.
The result is a vertical, expressive, and unctuous wine. This wine has the profile of an Old World Sauvignon Blanc in which elegance is infused with freshness. It displays a lovely round character yet retains a sustained acidity and a fine balance between the character of varietal and the work in oak, which gives it structure and smoothness. Thanks to meticulous work in the vineyards, the varietal attains an optimal level of maturity.




Straw yellow, with new golden highlights.


Very intensity and definition. Stone fruit such as nectarine and apricot. Pineapple and citric flavours which blend in with the fresh herbal notes, fennel, sap, oregano. Fine toasted flavours, and nutmeg. Yeast notes are a reflex of the work with the lees. Subtle and smoked end.


Smooth on entry, full and medium bodied on the palate. The tropical fruit and citrus and herbal aromas come through again. A saline touch and very refreshing acidity on the finish. Long, resounding aftertaste. A stylish ensemble.


Especially good with salads, asparagus, tomatoes and green peppers. Cheeses such as feta, goat cheese or mozzarella. Great as an aperitif with olives and some cured meats. Shellfish, fish. Works really well with Japanese food.

To bring out the beauty of this wine, we recommend serving it at 8-10 °C in a large balloon wine glass to enable it to aerate and express all its aromas.