Homenage to Pinot · 2017· Organic



Homage to Pinot  2017 · Organic


Wines elaborated by our family after years of history lived alongside each wine and each grape variety. These are wines that tend to go against the grain, created in spite of trends, and which sometimes succeed in setting them.

Vol. 12% Grape variety: 100% Homage to Pinot
Wine certified with the CCPAE seal.
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Based on careful observation and the management of the factors which influence our terroir and its habitat. We do not apply chemical herbicides or pesticides, but instead we use natural resources, with the primary aim of maintaining a balance in the environment, and we preserve spontaneous ground cover in order to obtain spongy soils.
Through biodynamics, which goes one step beyond organic growing, we breathe life into our vineyards and seek to raise levels of biodiversity: we preserve spontaneous ground cover in order to obtain spongy soils, we apply plant-based infusions and decoctions to avoid pest infestations, and we produce our own animal and vegetal compost from our orchard of medicinal plants and our farm of cows, sheep, chickens, and horses.


We harvest by hand and gravity-feed the grapes onto a sorting table. The Grapes are chilled and then pressed in whole bunches. The must is carefully divided. 50% of the wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks, the other 50% in multi-purpose barrels – our objective is not to obtain oaky or toast flavours, but rather a light mineralization. It spends three months in contact with its yeasts.

This wine will spend a minimum of 6 months in bottle before release onto the market.




Onion peel with copper-coloured rim.


Fragrant and aromatic. Dominant red fruit notes – wild strawberries, raspberries. Also vineyard peach, melon and dessert pear. Herbal notes – hay and dill – Floral touches evoking lime blossom. Smoky flavours add complexity.


Big and broad on entry to the palate. Impressive fruit weight and volume on the palate, revealing a viscous and vinous texture. Sustained acidity blends with a touch of bitterness to produce a refreshing finish. Good persistent length.


Rice and pasta dishes – risottos and paellas – white meat, spicy foods: Asian, Indian and Creole cuisine. Medium strength cheeses.