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Brut ·  2018 Demeter

Gramona Imperial


Brut ·  2018 Demeter


Vol. 12% Grapes: 48% Xarel·lo, 30% Macabeu
15% Parellada, 7% Chardonnay
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2017 is the first Demeter-certified vintage of all the plots producing the four grape varieties for the blend of this historic sparkling wine. The 13 vine masters of the association Aliances per la terra work collectively from the desire to vivify the soils to achieve a more expressive, more concentrated and more complex grape. The association, promoted in 2015 by Gramona, shares the commitment to persevere in biodynamic practices to integrate into a landscape where energy flows, vital forces are balanced and the quality of the grapes maintains excellence year after year. The art of blending is to make the attributes of each variety combine with each other and create the best version of the whole. The identity of each one of the carefully selected and worked lands and the balance of their blend are what make Gramona Imperial unique and singular. The specificity of each vineyard adds elegance and seduction to the resulting symphony.

Gramona Imperial


We assume responsibility for each and every step involved in the winemaking process, from the vine to the bottle. The grapes are picked by hand in left in boxes of 25 kg each, go onto a sorting belt, are transferred by gravity, and pressed whole bunch.

We use heads and hearts (52.5%) of the must fraction with our presses specialized in the pressing of whole grapes, coming from 12 different plots of our association Aliances per la Terra.

The touch of ‘expedition liqueur’ from our solera, which is well over a century old, gives this cava our unmistakable signature, a symbol of elegance that has made this cava a classic for its loyal drinkers. 

This sparkling wine is aged for more than 50 months.

Plots of our 12 «Aliances per la Terra»
vine growers



Produced using a craft process from the early 20th century and recognised as a compostable material by the Catalan Waste Agency.

Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the rest of our wines’ packaging that we are gradually replacing with biodegradable materials.

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Pale yellow with straw-colored reflections


The aromas are dominated by ripe white fruits, such as apple and vineyard peach. We find citrus notes of lemon peel and the aniseed touch of fennel. It brings back memories of wheat, butter and pastries. After a few moments in the glass, ripe aromas of apple pie, marzipan and toasted cream appear.


In the mouth it shows the very fine and creamy bubbles typical of this sparkling wine. It is ample and at the same time lively and refreshing. Aromas of baked apple and pastries return.


Gramona Imperial is elegant, versatile, creamy and seductive. A great gastronomic wine to accompany Iberian ham, white meats and roasted vegetables: the toasted notes embrace the aromas of Gramona Imperial in an elegant way.

Gramona Imperial