Blanc · 2011


Blanc · 2011

Vol. 12% Sauvignon blanc
Muscat de Frontignan
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Based on careful observation and the management of the factors which influence our terroir and its habitat. We do not apply chemical herbicides or pesticides, but instead we use natural resources, with the primary aim of maintaining a balance in the environment, and we preserve spontaneous ground cover in order to obtain spongy soils.

Through biodynamics, which goes one step beyond organic growing, we breathe life into our vineyards and seek to raise levels of biodiversity: we apply plantbased infusions and decoctions to avoid pest infestations, and we make our own animal and vegetal compost and the preparations of our own farm.


Made from over-ripening the grapes on the vines growing in our Las Solanas and Mas Escorpí vineyards, estates which we care for as if they were our garden. We select, in the field, the rows of vines which we monitor closely. The vines are protected with veils to prevent birds or sheep from eating the precious, sweet fruit. We harvest the grapes late and by hand. The collected grapes then go on to the sorting table, selecting only grapes which have attained perfect dehydration from each bunch.

Fermentation takes place at 18 °C, in 300 litre barrels, made from fine grain, lightly toasted French oak, already used for a previous vintage. The must remains there for 50 days until the fermentation stops naturally due to the grapes’ own residual sugars. This wine is classified as a natural sweet wine. After a slow fermentation, the wine goes into large, 6 litre Matusalem bottles. There, it will spend the time necessary for it to evolve in a way which is only made possible by glass (not steel, nor wood). Although the glass itself is inert, there is a controlled exchange through the cork stopper in the bottle as it ages in a cave just below the vineyards where it was born.




Very bright, deep gold tone.


Deep and intense. Exuberant aromas of stone fruit, apricots, peaches, quince. Floral notes, chamomile. Balsamic, thyme, laurel, rosemary. A touch of honey.


Very full and delicious on entry, silky on the palate, medium bodied and packed with fruit.  Fresh, long finish.


Desserts based on stone or tropical fruit, meringues, and caramel. Try it with medium strength, soft cheeses.