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Brut Nature · 2020 Demeter


Brut Nature · 2020 Demeter


Vol. 12% Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir
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We use cork stopper for the ageing of all our sparkling over 5 years old.


Based on careful observation and the management of the factors which influence our terroir and its habitat. We do not apply chemical herbicides or pesticides, but instead we use natural resources, with the primary aim of maintaining a balance in the environment, and we preserve spontaneous ground cover in order to obtain spongy soils.
Through biodynamics, which goes one step beyond organic growing, we breathe life into our vineyards and seek to raise levels of biodiversity: we preserve spontaneous ground cover in order to obtain spongy soils, we apply plant-based infusions and decoctions to avoid pest infestations, and we produce our own animal and vegetal compost from our orchard of medicinal plants and our farm of cows, sheep, chickens, and horses.


After long work in the vineyards to achieve optimal ripeness, the grapes are picked by hand and placed in 25 kg boxes. Bunches are selected on the sorting table, transferred by gravity and they are pressed whole to extract just 50% of the juice, carefully separating the different parts of the pressing.

The most is fermented at 14°C in 300 and 600 litre French oak barrels of several uses in a temperature controlled cold chamber. The result is a fresh, elegant base wine with a good solid frame. One of or rules from the outset has been to achieve harmony between the aromatic expression of the grape variety, preserving its characteristic pale hue but avoiding the extraction of too much tannin.

The process is 100% artisanal. The bottles are sealed with a cork stopper throughout the time they spend resting in the silence of the cellars, which enables the longest ageing periods. The bottles are riddled on “pupitre” racks and disgorged by hand. Brut Nature

LOGO_CORK-AGED-WITH-cercle-300x300 We use cork stopper for the ageing of all our sparkling wines over 5 years old and for the Argents. Manual processes are carried out: ageing sur latte, riddling, disgorging, labelling, and cellophane.




Old gold color with “onion skin” sparkles.



A subtle and complex profile. Floral touches like rose and violet petals. Red fruits: wild strawberries, blueberries, currants. Citrus freshness of grapefruit, and herbal notes of fennel and fresh herb. The aging is manifested with hints of puff pastry and cream caramel.


Creamy entry. Full integrated and crispy carbonic that melts with sustained acidity. A mineral note closes set.



All kinds of appetizers, very nice with Asian, Thai and Caribbean cuisine. Also with the Mediterranean cousine, this sparkling will be enjoyed with the most exquisite dishes and is an ideal accompaniment throughout an entire ‘tasting menu’. To enjoy this sparkling to the full, we suggest you serve it at 8ºC-10ºC.