History is written with the names of all the people, men and women, who have invested their time and effort into making each day a little different from the last, and hopefully a little bit better, viewed with hindsight.

Indeed, the only way to understand the true dimension of the work achieved is to stop for a moment and look back. Often, we are unable to do this because we are too engrossed in our day-to-day activities and we need some outside event to make us stop and think for a moment.

During 2023, one such event did indeed occur that interrupted our lives and forced us to stop and think. On 4 August, Xavier Gramona passed away as a result of a fall in the winery, which had happened a week earlier.

From that moment on, and for weeks, perhaps months after, we received messages from all around the world and through different channels. Telephone calls, via social media, numerous articles, visits, e-mails… we tried to answer them all and we would like to sincerely thank everyone once again for all their kind messages.

The legacy that Xavier leaves behind him is enormous. He set himself the mission of telling the world that Gramona’s sparkling wines could be, and are, a benchmark in terms of quality. He and his cousin Jaume first had to convince the in-house team of this before they could anyone else. This may well be the most important achievement of the fifth generation, what we at Gramona refer to as “the paradigm shift”, i.e. convincing the whole world, based on their own conviction, that Gramona’s wines are among the best sparkling wines in the world.

Many of the messages we received referred to Xavier Gramona’s power of communication, rooted in his sincerity and courage. These personal attributes converge with those of the company, the family, and the DNA that Xavier himself mentioned when talking about the long ageing of the wines.

Xavier was able to bring together, galvanise and publicise the virtues, not only of the family’s sparkling wines but also of a historic grape variety, of the Penedès as a fine wine producing region, of the aromas and textures found in aged sparkling wines, of the value of daring to do things differently and of what we today call “empowerment”, which is the strength to cast off those complexes and prejudices that weigh us down and get in our way.   

Gramona’s path is a long one. It began more than a century ago and, together, we will travel it for many years to come. Xavier has become a milestone on this path, reminding us of where we come from and helping us to understand where we want to go.